2 Plate ELISA & CLIA Analyzer

Awareness Technology's Two plate Analyzer, increased capacity, integrated barcode scanner,  optional liquid sensing disposable pipettes, sample sensing rack capable of identifying the location of samples being placed. ChemWell2 will be on display at Arab Health, booth Z7 G10


ELISA reagent Kits

Microwell-based ELISA immunodiagnostic kits, 96 test per kit in break-apart strips.  Calibrators and controls provided.  Markers for Infectious Diseases, Serological Markers for TORCH, Markers for Bacterial Based Infections, Markers for Epstein-Barr Virus, Auto Immune Panel and 25-OH Vitamin D Total ELISA Kit


Unique Allergy Testing Solutions

Allergy Testing Solutions designed for rapid in vitro diagnosis of allergen sensitivity.  Dexall testing kits are available as Acti•Tip & Rapid•Ens (ELISA based bead technology for use in Microwell coated plates FDA cleared and available in the USA)  and Auro•Dex (lateral flow technology *Not for sale in the USA)

ChemWell® 2910

Automated ELISA & Chemistry Analyzer

Capable of running both EIAs and general chemistries in standard microwell plates.

LuMate® & ChroMate®

Microplate CLIA & ELISA readers

LuMate and Chromate are individual microplate readers, computer controlled, open systems designed with ease of use, speed, accuracy at an economic price point. 


Welcome to Awareness Technology, Inc.

Awareness Technology, Inc. has been manufacturing high quality diagnostic instruments and equipment for the low to medium volume laboratory since 1982. We specialize in ELISA, chemiluminescence, Biochemistry instrumentation and ELISA reagents, with an emphasis on quality, reliability, economic design and price. Our clients have come to expect and appreciate the high level of customer service they receive from our sales and technical support staff. Awareness Technology values our business partners, and we have an earned reputation as a reliable and economic source for the equipment, supplies and advice that they depend on to service their customers.

To request a meeting with one of our sales specialist during the show please click on the Medica banner above. Please provide your name, company, the requested date and time of the meeting.


CPC reaches milestone with the ChemWell 4600 series.

Awareness Technology would Like to recognize CPC Diagnostics, Chenai IN for their recent purchase of the 500th ChemWell-T 4600 series biochemistry analyzers. CPC represents Awareness Products in the Indian and Sri Lankan markets and has been a loyal and appreciated distributor since 1990. We would like to extend our thanks for their continued support and efforts and are grateful for the work that they do on our behalf both inside and outside of their territories.




ChemWell Fusion & ChemWell 2910

Fully Automated Analyzers which offer dual mode operation. ChemWell Fusion, ELISA and chemiluminescence assay testing and ChemWell 2910, ELISA and Chemistry testing. Both instruments are open systems and have built-in microwell plate washing capabilities. Precision pipetting ensures that reagents are conserved saving both time and money. Deliver Results With Confidence.

Accuracy, reliability, lower cost of operation, versatility and open compatibility with most reagent manufactures are just some of the reasons why ChemWell analyzers are the right choice for the low to mid-volume laboratory. Contact your Awareness Technology representative for more information on what a ChemWell series analyzer can do for your laboratory needs.